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about the game

This online game is a fantastic medium for stimulating discussion and delivering the key curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy, as well as developing the pupils ICT and citizenship skills.

Lisa Fenaroli, Try Learning Centre Manager, Harlequins

The Small Business Game is an excellent resource that supports the key strands of Enterprise Education: Enterprise Capability, Financial Capability and Economic & Business Understanding. It is also a fun, interactive and innovative resource for teachers and students alike.

Mark Thomas, Enterprise Champion, StepClever, Liverpool and Sefton

The Small Business Game leader board

So, who are the future millionaires in the making?

The Small Business Game leader board shows the top 20 scores throughout England.

Player NameScoreSchool
06Antwi-BoasiakoJ23240728Bonus Pastor Catholic College
shoughton22812639Djanogly City Academy
jkazmi22391255Djanogly City Academy
shoughton21224349Djanogly City Academy
06DeMarquetJ20949323Bonus Pastor Catholic College
jkazmi19883604Djanogly City Academy
06Antwi-BoasiakoJ19794820Bonus Pastor Catholic College
namz15732192Swanlea School
shoughton11277589Djanogly City Academy
namz10716431Swanlea School
06LouisonK9653897Bonus Pastor Catholic College
05jacastree7975412Kings’ Church of England School
zak49947849384Swanlea School
05anbannister5188909Kings’ Church of England School
apalinczuk5000180Djanogly City Academy
05jacastree4984404Kings’ Church of England School
zack184909327Swanlea School
06KasialaJ4708267Bonus Pastor Catholic College
huggins14537991Neale-Wade Community College
06KasialaJ4438397Bonus Pastor Catholic College